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 Black Sanctuary rules

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Black Sanctuary rules Empty
PostSubject: Black Sanctuary rules   Black Sanctuary rules EmptyWed Aug 27, 2008 12:13 am

1. Respect the members of this forum. Verbal attacks are forbidden.

2.Try to stay on topic. If you have something to discuss off-topic, do it via PM, to not create a chaos.

3.Don't spread rumors about the band. Defamatory rumors will be erased, and they are forbidden for respect for the band.

4.Respect band's members. Any offence againgst a band member is strictly forbidden, and if you do so, your account will be banned.

5. Don't ask to download the albums or their songs. Doing this means no respect for the band. Buy their albums.

6. Respect private lives of band's members. Try not to enter deeply in their lives. If you have questions about something private relating to one of them, ask it via PM or e-mail for the administrator.
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Black Sanctuary rules
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